Executive Development Program at Lake Tahoe, Nevada

elevating leaders in the gaming industry

Group picture of EDP participants
EDP classroom and students

Executive education provides the foundation for superior performance and success in a rapidly changing world.


Gaming organizations worldwide must be increasingly sensitive to their impacts on local and regional economies, while also honing their management effectiveness, maintaining market share and attracting new customers.


The Executive Development Program is designed for those whose roles are to think strategically — about product, attractions, casino environment, employee development, community relations, partnerships and exceptional customer service. The program increases your capacity to lead and manage in a changing environment and prepares you to think strategically and reshape your organization.


Position your organization to meet current and future challenges and opportunities.

The Executive Development Program can help you lead organizational change. It provides the information and insights to create organizational growth opportunities through strategic alliances.


Strategic thinking and management for competitive advantage.


The Executive Development Program is particularly useful as a source of professional renewal for those with years of experience in gaming, as well as an important educational opportunity for those moving into positions of substantial responsibility in your organization. The program helps participants deepen their insights and broaden their resources to increase competitive advantage.


The Program is designed specifically for:


  • Executives and senior managers in positions of substantial responsibility who help shape the futures of their organizations
  • Owners, board members and other leaders active in strategic planning for gaming organizations
  • Government regulators who require a comprehensive understanding of casino operations
  • Rising stars within a gaming organization



Opportunities and benefits:


  • Develop strategies for anticipating challenges and opportunities
  • Establish valuable industry relationships and share ideas with accomplished international colleagues
  • Examine how leading companies have implemented successful strategies for survival and growth
  • Learn to analyze competitive positioning and identify a company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Analyze case studies to develop solutions that can be applied immediately in your organization
  • Gain insights into operational areas to enhance interdepartmental understanding
  • Build knowledge of essential regulatory and legal structures in international jurisdictions
  • Prepare organizations for success in a global environment
  • Participate in stimulating classroom discussions on key issues in leadership, policy and casino management





"EDP is a fantastic experience that’s really hard to describe in words. It’s a whirlwind of ideas, briliiant participants, world class faculty, rewarding groupwork and just so much more! EDP swallows you whole from the first moment and at the end spits out a new, reworked, better version of you. All of this in a beautiful setting by magnificent Lake Tahoe with refreshing mountain air and just breath-taking scenery right out of your hotel room. An absolute must for an industry professional, I guarantee you this will be an experience to be remembered for a long time, with friends you make for life."

- Andrejs Jerkins

Head of Marketing and Service Development

Olympic Casino, Latvia


"As a regulator, the EDP experience was of tremendous benefit to assist me in gaining a better understanding of the business from an operator’s perspective.  The level of talent in the room and on our team was impressive to say the least and the learning experience was second to none.  I would recommend this program to any regulator considering attending, my sincere thanks to the EDP instructional team."


- Dave Berry, Director, Compliance Branch Regulatory Services

Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission, St. Albert AB Canada



"EDP has been the most challenging and inspiring educational gaming experience in my career. I had the opportunity to work with future leaders of the industry as a team, and learn and interact with current gaming executives. They reserved time in their busiest season to share with our lucky group their experiences and ideas.  I was also mentored by the most recognized academics in the gaming industry. It was a life changing opportunity.


EDP is a complete immersion to the gaming world in all aspects: Compliance, Public Relations, Human Resources, Governments Affairs, Casino Management, Gaming Design, Ethics, Finance, Sales and Presentations, Casino Design, Responsible Gaming, International Business and more.


For 9 days we worked hard, and learned a lot, but most importantly, we became part of the EDP family and this is a privilege in our industry."


- Carlos Carrion, Director, Sales and Operations, Aristocrat, Mexico


"EDP was a development opportunity that turned into an experience of a lifetime.  My current boss had previously attended this program so I was already prepared for the workload that is given to you and the long days that entailed but he couldn’t have prepared me for the memories that I made.  The staff, the facilitators, the guest speakers, every single person associated with this program is amazing.  Not only did I learn a lot about the gaming industry, I learned a lot about myself.  I also developed some lasting friendships during this experience.  The group of participants were a very diverse group of people from all over the nation with one common interest and passion… gaming.  I got to hear so many different aspects of the business and broadened my networking group immensely.  The team that I was lucky enough to be a part of (Lucky Team 7) was some of the nicest, most intelligent and purely genuine people I have ever met.  We have all kept in touch and plan on keeping it that way for life.  I can’t say enough positive about this program.  Bo, Mark and the entire staff of this program make this such a memorable experience and I would highly encourage anyone with the wonderful opportunity to jump on board and never look back."

- Kelley Keeling

Director of Casino Operations, Caesars Entertainment, Metropolis, IL USA


"The Executive Development Program is an experience that will be cherished for a lifetime. Being selected by my company to attend a well-respected strategic leadership program was an honor, but not knowing exactly what I was in for, made it that much more of a mystery. Being submerged with global colleagues from the gaming industry with diverse backgrounds, varying skillsets and array of experiences afforded me an opportunity to collaborate, learn, share and build relationships with people I would have probably never met! I worked extremely hard and I was challenged in an environment that was invigorating, empowering and for all. The daily agenda was a perfect mixture of expert presentations, discussions, and exercises in beautiful Lake Tahoe… though I think I did not see the outside of the hotel for the first 5 days! The program staff are pleasant, fun and highly educated and experienced! They pushed us to think out of the box and engage each other to understand our organizational differences. They made us all feel very welcomed and in the end like a family. I recommend this program to any gaming organization who wants to challenge new and seasoned leaders to step up their game… no pun intended and reenergize their personnel. The icing on the cake for my EDP experience; was leading my team and going home as one of the winners (Go Team 7)! Although all of us were winners for making it through 10 days or EDP boot camp!"

 - Shondra Deloach-Perea

    Director, Premium Products Scheduling & Installation Services

    IGT, Las Vegas, NV, USA